Google Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Ads Setup Packages 

We are committed to building your Google Ads Account for you from scratch.
Analytics Package Includes:
  • Google Ads Tag
  • GA4 Tag
  • GSC Tag
  • Google Ads Linker
  • Microsoft Clarity 

This pay per click package is suitable for anyone or any business that wants to start promoting themselves their services or products  online without the headache of setting up everything and the initial creation and integrations. Ideal for you if you want  to test out Google Ads or need to promote your products and or services for a short time. This PPC Package is suitable for you if your main objective is to bring visitors and create awareness for yourself your business or products and services. 

Keywords Creation – According to Google best practices, it is good to have 5-10 keywords per ad group with different match type formats. We will review your running keywords and will create new keywords if we think that would be good for your campaigns. We will pause any running keywords those are not performing well and will add negative keywords for good CTR and ROI improvement.

Ad Copy Creation – We follow Google's best practices, 2-4 ad copies per ad group. Each ad copy having  different messages to the audience to filter out the best ad copy among other ad copies. Ad copies should be relevant with your keywords and landing page. Please note, if we find that you have too many ad copies in an ad group then we will pause those ad copies which are not performing well (having low CTR and no conversions) and create new ad copies as required.

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Account Setup         
Adwords Account Setup         
Google Analytics Setup         
Adwords & Analytics Linking         
Conversion Tracking Setup         
Call Tracking & Recording Setup         
Google Tag Manager Setup         
Campaign Setup         
Ad Groups Per Campaign 
Ads Per Group 
Competitor Analysis         
Keyword Research         
Geo Targeting Setup         
Audience Setup         
Demographic Optimization
Topic Optimization
Placement Optimization         
Call Outs & Extensions Per Ad         
Device Targeting Setup         
Advanced Bid Optimization Setup         
Ad Scheduling Setup         
Ad Group Monitoring Setup         
Campaign Management         
Keyword Optimization & Maintenance         
Ad Groups Creation         
Ad Copy Optimization         
Negative Keyword Management         
Ad copy split testing         
Geo Targeting Optimization         
Keyword Expansion         
Artificial Intelligence         
Placement Review Management         
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